Our services are cutting-edge and innovative for the real estate industry.

Oval Room Group is an unparalleled leader in visual media real estate solutions. We deliver valuable end results across an array of industry sectors and property types by providing dynamic visual experiences through powerfully immersive and innovative media platforms. Our visuals are tailor-made to help tell the story of your Office, Industrial, Multi-Family, or Retail property.

Property Marketing Video

Immerse any interested party with a comprehensive marketing video. Includes state-of-the-art animated mapping, photography,  videography, and drone footage - all integrated with key information to allow viewers a comprehensive understanding of a project or property.


Property Marketing Video Lite

(60 sec runtime, no animated mapping)

Pricing: $2,500

Turnaround Time: 2+ weeks

Full Property Marketing Video

(2 min runtime, 3 levels of animated mapping)

Pricing: $3,500+

Turnaround Time: 3 weeks